Robo Jumper Run




    Run as fast as you can to get to the BIG MEGA BONUS that we prepared just for you! This blue bot whit a mechanical wheel, gets angry and want to get the reward! Don’t be afraid, to jump from the building to building, his suspension system is rigid and helps you a lot!

    Robo jumper is a nice and addictive game for everyone! If you dare to prepare yourself with patience, and skiils, you will arrive at the 7000 meters, and you win a BIG MEGA BONUS! You can’t lose, every step is a step close to the Big Mega Bonus! Robo Jumper is fun, addictive, with a nice and high level graphics, a nice flow and a passion for Robots!

    The Robo jumper is strong, in perfect shape to win the Big Mega Bonus! All you have to do is to try hard! If you fight long enough you will get the bonus and you will make everyone happy!

    Your Robot run and run and run free, and unstoppable for you, keep try and the result will come!
    The Mega Bonus is there, all you have to do is to get to it!

    The Robo Jumper is prepared to run and run again and again!This is a special runner game, only one of its kind!
    Try it and you will not be desapointed, is fun, addictive, is a Runner game!

    So get ready, and run run run!

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