Rock Mining Haul Truck Driver




    Take the challenge and enter in mountain cave for extraction precious diamond and gems treasure. As a foreman mining worker you operate excavation cranes. Get deep in mines and explore caves for valuable stones in Rock Mining Haul Truck Driver 3D game.

    Operate bucket chain excavator crane for transportation of raw stones and coal rocks. Experience extreme truck game in the Rocky Mountains and hills. Rock Mining Haul Truck Driver is not just a car driving game, run minecart rail to take out gold rock refinery. Rush to clean the rocks and get expensive gem and diamonds treasure in raw material form. Enjoy realistic auto game and drive giant haul trucks inside mountain cave. The latest machinery like bucket wheel excavator is taking scoop out of rocky mountain and crew collecting stones. Drive mining truck and park it under conveyor belt to collect stones. The rock crushing machine will break the outer surface of coal. Operate heavy excavator crane to scoop and dump stone in haul truck. Then drive mine trucks to the mine cart and dump material to transport freight out of hill cave. We redesign gold mine classic tale into next gen miner treasure game in hunt of gold.

    Need perfect truck parking skills for steering gigantic machines inside mine caves. Become goldmine foremen and drive perfect dump trucks for transport raw gold, gemstones and diamonds. After excavation rush to run rail cart across mine on track. Enjoy next-gen construction simulator game in your android phone and tablets from playstore. Become goldminer explorer in deep mountain caves and collect precious gemstones treasure. Test your realistic driving skills with giant construction cranes. Park perfect without dropping coal cargo from dumping trucks. Feel like gold miner for new era, you played classic miner games now checkout this new era goldminer adventure.

    Diamond Mine 3D Simulation Features:

    10 thrilling extraction missions to drill and collect gems from caves
    Operate modern tech machinery for drilling and scooping rocks
    Take on driver seat to control steering wheel with acceleration pedal and brake pedal
    Real physics engine for driving such massive machinery

    Download Rock Mining Haul Truck Driver in your smartphone without any demolition and blasting hills with dynamite. Forget gold miner 2D style games now become real gold miner for 2016.

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