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    Boy or Girl - Gender Predictor is a very useful app which will allow you to predict accurately the gender of your upcoming child. With its wide range of methods; it is one of the best apps for moms. You can make gender test at home with this app.

    There are a lot of methods within the app to predict your unborn child gender:

    • Special Test

    • Renewal of Blood

    • Blood Type

    • Chinese Method chart and calculator

    • Mayan Chart

    • Japanese Method

    This app answers the next questions: Am I having boy or girl? How to know baby gender? Will I have boy or girl? What determines the gender of a baby?

    If you are pregnant then it’s an opportunity for you to start planning.

    Don’t waste your time in guessing on your own. Use this baby gender predictor app to know the best possible result. An adorable girl or a sharp boy? This gender test will allow you to predict it easily. The methods which are available in this baby predictor app are used by gurus in different regions of the world and you will find all of these “boy or girl” predictor methods within this amazing app.

    Why do you need to download and install Gender Predictor calculator on your Android smartphone or tablet instead of other pregnancy gender test games?


    We made some Cool and smooth high-quality graphics to give you the best experience while playing the greatest gender test trivia game ever! You will enjoy it!


    Our Baby gender test game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there are No hidden fees, no special memberships, and no annual subscription fees.

    Enjoy it anytime & anywhere

    want to enjoy playing our trivia game anytime? It’s possible because our baby gender predictor game supports the offline mode and you can enjoy playing even if you don’t have a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection.

    Want to enjoy playing our pregnancy gender quiz anywhere? It’s possible because our game is responsive and you can enjoy playing on your Android smartphone or tablet.

    Following are the approaches and methods used as pregnancy gender test:

    Special Test

    The special test will ask you 15 different questions. Your answers must be true and accurate. In the end, the method will calculate according to your answer and predict your baby gender. It will be more like a pregnancy test quiz for you.

    Renewal of Blood

    It’s easy and simple. You just have to enter your and your husband’s age and it will predict spot on!

    Blood Type

    In this method, you will need some extra information. You will have to put your blood group, your Rh factor, father’s blood group, and father’s Rh factor.

    Chinese Method

    Chinese gender predictor (birth calendar and cart) is a method which will require the mother’s age and month of conception.

    Mayan Chart

    Mayan Chart method is very rare and you will just need to put the mother’s age, and year of conception to get the predicted result.

    Japanese Method

    Japanese method is also very popular and it requires a mother’s birth month, father’s birth month, and month of conception.


    More methods shall be added in upcoming updates.

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