Scramble Astro Command 1980s Retro Game

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    "If you liked the Astro Wars or Galaxy Invader conversions, you're gonna love this!"
    Nominated for Game of the Week on Toucharcade.
    One of the best tabletop games from the 80's. Some would say on par or better than Astro Wars.
    "A must for retro game lovers!"

    This is an accurate conversion from that retro vintage classic from the early 1980's brought forward to the 21st Century. Scramble by Grandstand and Astro Command by Epoch, Radio Shack and many other companies in the 80's are all the same game but in a different shell with a different name.
    Every detail of the original tabletop classic has been faithfully emulated. All the sounds - that flickering neon look vacuum fluorescent display, and all those waves of attacks - its all here! It is an almost perfect replica. We would say its 97% accurate. Some things have been altered slightly due to the nature of mobile devices. Our Astro Wars and Galaxy Invader retro emulations have been enjoyed well and this too has had the same treatment

    Travel back to your childhood with this vintage retro arcade classic!

    To play:
    Turn on
    Watch demo
    Choose level
    Press Start
    Dodge enemy missiles
    Fire at enemies
    Bomb missile bases
    Fire at flying aliens
    Avoid meteors
    Navigate terrain
    Destroy enemy base core
    Restart by turning off and on again

    *Choose form "Scramble" or "Astro Command" skins by tapping top left of case

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