Secret Woman Agent Escape: Stealth Survival Game

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    Secret Woman Agent Escape: Stealth Survival Game

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    Enter the secret prison escape stealth survival packed 3D action game to prove that you are an innocent woman because you were stamped as a professional criminal terrorist. You have been sentenced to high security Alcatraz like jail for 25 years for crime you have no idea about & you never committed. You’re a secret woman agent but you were labelled a professional criminal terrorists, a killer on the basis of murders that you never committed. You’ll have to fight hard to regain your freedom in this 3D action packed survival prison stealth escape game. You don’t belong in a high security Alcatraz like prison with criminals, robbers & murderers. It will be hard to escape from prison because the warden, police security guards, police sniper shooters & intelligence special forces have sharp eyes on you. Police cops are continuously on patrol to check on your suspicious activities. As a woman prisoner you need to plan your fluchtplan, escape plan brilliantly to breakout of this Alcatraz type high security prison jail for your survival & freedom. To escape a jail & break out of prison this secure is a hard job but you’ve been doing wonders all your life which means it is not impossible for you.

    Be ready to fight with ruthless police guards equipped with modern weapons & guns & lethal police sniper shooters to get freedom from gloomy Alcatraz like jail. To break out of the jail will not be easy as you’ll be facing a lot of security & gun shooting. Don’t panic though because your survival, combat fighting & gun shooting skills will help you win this battle & successfully run away. You’ll have to use your stealth moves & move stealthy at all times in order to survive. Stealth is the only technique that will help you survive, chase your freedom & escape this jail successfully. You have to be stealthy & fast like a secret agent on special ops survival mission. Try to hide behind the walls, distract security guards by whistling or throwing rocks. You don’t have any modern weapons or guns to combat the enemy so your first aim is to get them by killing the security guards. Meanwhile you have to find passcodes, pins & passwords to open the digital locked doors to run away. Kill all police security guards & security shooters by fighting them in a hand to hand combat or by shooting at them to make your grand plan of escape successful. Make your escape a legend a wonder that will be remembered forever.

    On this secret survival escape stealth mission from jail prison you will face hard challenges but don’t be demotivated by gun shooting of snipers. You are also an amazing sniper shooter so defend yourself & strike hard at your enemies whether you have sniper shooting gun or not. Shoot to runaway & escape this prison. Make best effort to escape from jail to rescue yourself. Escape the prison by shooting & fighting to regain your freedom & to prove your innocence.

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