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    Shoot The Apple Blender Slice is a fast paced, fruit and veggie blender slicer ninja game with amazing retro 16-bit graphics!

    Shoot The Apple Blender Slice you play as a slash ninja whose job it is to slash all the fruits and veggies and other food while avoiding the bombs. Be careful there will be bombs which you must not slash. Like a ninja you must learn to control your ninja like skills and master them. Be the hero the world deserves and slice those apples like you are a blender. Using your hero powers slice away all the fruits and vegetables and other foods. This game by no means is impossible but requires skill and for you to swipe through many arrays of bombs, fruits, vegetables and other foods.

    - When you start fruits and veggies will start to spawn at the top of the screen along with bombs
    - You must slash the fruit or vegetable before it hits the bottom.
    - If it hits the bottom it is no longer valid and you loose a heart
    - If you loose all three hearts it is gameover
    - By blending the fruits and vegetables you earn a higher score
    - Hitting a bomb will cause a automatic gameover
    - Try and get the highest score possible before gameover

    - Hold a finger on the screen to create a slicer
    - The slicer is now yours to control and slice away the fruits and vegetables
    - To earn a bonus score: swipe 3 or more fruits in a row (you will earn a bonus respectively) and HOLD your finger down for at least half a second after to earn the bonus.
    - Bonus are: +5 points for 3 fruits or vegetables
    +7 points for 4 fruits or vegetables
    +10 points for 5 fruits or vegetables
    +20 points for 6 fruits or vegetables or more

    - Old-School pixel art graphics are used in the game
    - Retro fitted fruits and veggies are used
    - 25 * 25 pixels for each retro art work
    - Keeps game from lagging on very low end devices
    - Also for those who want a nostalgic experience

    - Carrots
    - Apples
    - Broccoli
    - Pears
    - Onions
    - Oranges
    - Watermelon
    - And much more FOOD!

    - Great app for parents trying to get kids to like fruits and vegetables
    - Based on the game hit game Fruit Ninja for IOS and Android
    - Retro graphics based upon old school games

    Are you ready to be the shoot the apple and other fruits and veggies in Shoot The Apple Blender Slice!

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