Lazy eye training VR




    Play this game to improve the cooperation between your eyes and your brain. Game was tested using Google Cardboard V2.0. Clicking with magnet was not tested properly.

    Search for correct tiles around you in a 3D virtual forest. Application is showing each half of the tile only to one eye to enforce the brain to receive and process images from both eyes together.

    Game offers two modes:
    - Image tiles: easier to find, best for the initial phase
    - Dotted tiles: Harder to recognize, tiles can't be guessed only by one half
    and three difficulties: difference is in the amount of tiles around the player and number of tiles to find.

    Launch a game by looking at the corresponding game mode and then selecting the wished game difficulty by clicking. Once in game looking down will show a menu and looking up will show the game progress.

    Settings can be found behind the players initial position.

    This game is not a substitute of a professional medical treatment. It was designed only as a support for treatment of this eye disorder. If your having Lazy eye (Amblyopia) disorder please first consult your doctor.

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