Smack a Smiley

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    Smack a Smiley

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    How many Smileys can you smack?

    You are given a smiley and the goal is to smack as many as you can before a new smiley appears.
    Sounds easier than it is...

    Three levels of difficulty.

    Twelve unique Smileys to smack.

    Two different types of games to master:

    Timed Smack - How many Smiley's can you smack in 90 seconds. Be careful though and don't
    smack the wrong Smiley or it's all over...

    Free Smack - Just how long can you last. Smack the Smiley's for as long as you can. Sounds easy huh?
    Funny thing about Smiley's, they tend to go faster and faster the more you smack. Can you keep up?