Snake 2048




    A hi-Octane mashup of the smash hit puzzle game 2048 and the cult classic Snake.
    Control your snake moving around the board as it gobbles up tiles to merge to higher and higher values.
    Snake speeds up when there is a new tile maximum.
    Deceptively simple at first but it's tough to even to make the 64 tile.
    We dare you to reach 2048!!

    - Snake moves within the board continuously. Head & direction is indicated by a triangle.
    - Swipe to change snake direction. Swipe in opposite direction to that of snake head to reverse.
    - Tiles will appear randomly on screen. They will turn into stone after some time if your snake does not pick them up.
    - Pick these tiles to add to the snake's head. If tiles match they will merge to their sum.
    - You can also merge the snake to itself when its head matches any tile in its body.
    - Push the snake against any stone block or boundary to merge matching tiles in its body. But beware! Snake will die if there are no tiles to merge!
    - Use pause button to pause the game.
    - Use the zap (lightning) button to zap the snake to 150% speed!
    - Reach the 2048 tile or greater to win the game!
    - Post your high scores to Facebook
    - Use Leaderboards (requires sign-in)
    - See your Achievements (required sign-in)
    - Share score

    - The best time to change snake direction is just before the head moves into new position.
    - Try to keep a rythm with the snake motion; its easier to change direction, BUT
    - For picking up corner tiles you have to do a second swipe quick enough not to hit a wall (score will double!)
    - Reverse your snake instead of turning

    Original 2048 Graphics by Gabriele Cirulli
    Swipe detector based on
    Sound Effects from:

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