Snake. Help us welcome back the classic and addictive arcade game, Snake by Green Mango Games! Take control of the snake, in this fun game that we all remember playing while growing up. You’ll maneuver the snake on the bordered screen, trying to catch the pink squares to grow longer. We’ve added a fun twist with an extra square on the screen to boost up quickly. We’ll keep score for you, as your snake grows longer as it gobbles up each square in its path. Be careful though, because the longer your snake gets the more challenging the game becomes! Don’t run into the bordered sides or your tail, otherwise you lose! You can’t go wrong with the classic game, SNAKE!


    - 100% FREE
    - Easy user interface
    - Touch screen controls
    - Bright and excited new screen
    - Optional vibration settings
    - Local and internet high scores

    How to Play:

    The arrow controls are right on the screen, so that you can play on any Android smartphone! Play against your friends, by seeing who can get the highest score and the longest snake. We’ve added a local high score setting, so that you’ll be able to compete and keep track of who is better! Perhaps you are a little more competitive and you want to see if you can stand up to high scores all over the world!

    Have fun with this FREE Android app that will bring you back into the 1970’s arcade classic game. It’s entertaining, it’s exciting, and did we mention that it is FREE? Download this amazing Android app now!

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