Snow Drop

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    Over a million people love the snow!
    Help a cute polar bear catch snowflakes by tilting the phone left and right, catching as many snowflakes as you can while avoiding the yellow snowflakes and icicles. Every time the bear eats a blue snowflake you gain 5 points, which will determine how happy your bear is! Every time the bear eats a yellow snowflake or icicle you lose one life out of your three lives. The more points you receive, the faster the snowflakes fall.

    Can you Help the bear achieve his destiny for eating the most snowflakes ever before? Throw on some tunes in iPod, and start eating! Snow Drop is fun for kids and adults alike; everyone in the family can take a turn.

    More to come in later updates.

    Some Tablet Devices May have an accelerometer error, this means the polar bear might not move side to side.

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