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    Published: 2015-11-04, by .

    Multiplayer cooperative ESL game wherein you must shout to collectively pilot a spaceship

    • Ultra original
    • Hilarious
    • Cooperative ESL learning
    • Appropriate for any age
    • Various levels of difficulty
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    "Quick! Enable the astro-fish!!!"


    This is absolutely the coolest and most original idea I've ever seen for teaching in an ESL classroom (or as a tutor to more than one student at once). This is exactly the same as the original Spaceteam game, but with words that are much more common in the English language, designed for ESL students to be able to practice their reading/speaking/listening skills in a collaborative fight to keep their spacecraft aloft. Each device in the 2-4 person team will receive commands that may or may not match the control panel displayed on the screen - so you'll have to yell out what to do next, hoping that the person with the correct button to jam hears your call. It's ridiculous fun, and nothing short of a brilliant way of practicing English.


    It's totally original, appropriate for absolutely any age, and an utterly legit way of getting over your fears and actually practicing speaking English. It's also gloriously free and available for both Android and iPhone. We've never ever had a connection problem over local WiFi (provided the connection itself is reliable). You can adjust the level of the words according to your level of English knowledge.


    None as far as I'm concerned. Your students may never want to do anything else in class ever again.

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    Nov 04, 2015


    Spaceteam ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language) is a crazy and fun English learning game you play with your friends and classmates using phones or tablets. Your team of 2-4 players is working together to fly a spaceship. To survive, you must follow the instructions and press the right buttons on your control panel on your phone. But there is a problem with your ship—your instructions are being sent to your friends’ phones, and your friends’ instructions are being sent to your phone! This means that if you want to survive, you must communicate and work together!

    How long will your team be able to keep flying the ship? Will you be smashed by an asteroid? Will angry space dogs kill your ship? Or will you get burned up by a star? It all depends how well you are able to work together…as a Spaceteam!

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