Spin the Flask




    All of us remember this embarrassing game, where we were sitting end spinning a bottle. Modern youth must forget or even do not know it. It is a party game. Probably every young girl or boy dared to kiss the person he or she liked. The game is embarrassing but really fun.
    Number of players change from 2 to 8. A player spins a bottle, which is placed on the centre of circle. When spinning bottle stops the player has to kiss the person bottle points to. For some of us it is the most embarrassing moment, but this is a rule. Some psychos do not dare to do this, now it is easier as you can play it on your mobile device! We glad to present you new game Spin the Flask!
    So now you do not need to suffer from psychological barrier. Just download this game, find people who wants to have fun and Spin the Flask!
    Spin the flask the funniest game you have ever played! One of the most interesting games that can be played by people of different ages. Some people change the rules. They do not kiss each other, but give different tasks. Such as spelling embarrassing words, meowing, etc. Thus the person who spins the flask gives to the persons flask points to to bring him water, to go outside and shout some words. Good idea for a party.
    > It has gorgeous interface
    > It is funny
    > It is perfect for after work playing
    > The rules are as simple as fun
    > Spin the Flask can be played by more than 2 people.
    Take your gadget, download Spin the Flask and have a party without going out!
    Spin the Flask has wonderful interface. So suitable for romantic people. You can play with your friends, with your boyfriend or girlfriend. There is no limitation! The game is good for playing after work. Spin the Flask game never was so fantastic and funny. Enjoy your time with this game. Give people stabbing kisses online, be original. There is no psychological barrier, no embarrassment! Start to enjoy it! All you need is just to Spin the flask!