Street Fighting Action Game - Crime City Mafia War




    Welcome to the Crime City where you have to deal with the gangsters, mafia gangs, criminals, drug dealers and serial killers. Street Fighting Action Game - Crime City Mafia War game is all about the street fight and street combat against the mafia gangs. Street brawl is happening in every corner of crime city. City fight with combat players in fight club is actually the revenge of angry commando in beat em up game. City Fighter in the street fight of fighting games around the martial shadow. Become the street champ by using punch and kicks by the punch superhero.

    Street Fighting Action Game - Crime City Mafia War is endless fighting free game. You are here as a foreigner and you need to use your kung fu karate skills to beat em up the mafia gang bosses. Do not lose hope for survival in crime city of the brutal street, defend the civilian with your skills against street fighting, and complete the missions of mortal combat fight to an end. Martial shadow ninja hero is expert in street fighting boxing and wrestling champion. Track wrestling of angry commando of warrior adventure is ready to take revenge by beat em up the criminals and gangsters. Use the kung fu skills in boxing and wrestling ring to prove that you are street champ. Play against the mafia war as martial arts fighter in the boxing and wrestling ring in this endless street fighting. Kung fu and warriors skills would be used against the deadliest criminals, gangsters, and make the crisis action fighting the way of mortal combat to end the monster fight in the crime city of a mafia war.

    Street Fighting Action Game - Crime City Mafia War is just like other kungfu street fight and combo fighting game. Karate, boxing, and wrestling skills are used in the kungfu mafia war for shadow fighter to become the shadow kings by taking revenge as beat em up of angry commando in the kungfu street fight. Gangster and mafia gangs are all on the street to take an action against the karate, boxing and wrestling champ in the street fight. Warrior adventure of the wrestling in the street of boxing fight is going to be one of the fighting adventures with blood. Survival of gangsters is just like beat em up of boxing in the wrestling champ war. The Fighter is on the street of crime city to take part in the street combat to become street champ by street fighting using punch superhero fighter martial shadow fight.

    Street Fighting Action Game - Crime City Mafia War beat em up of an angry commando who is going to take revenge from the street fight in the survival gangster on the wrestling action war in the ring. Boxing and Wrestling along with karate skills would be handy to take action by the angry commando of kungfu street fight in martial arts fighter of gangster strike action beat em up the fighter on boxing champions. The fighter of beat em up is going take part in boxing and wrestling ring of kungfu street fight to beat em up the gangsters, mafia gangs and serial killers. Fight club of street fight uses many fighting styles for survival gangster strike action in martial arts fighter. The fighter knows the warriors fight in beat em up the shadow kings of punch superhero and street brawl.

    Real Action Games Studio present another fantastic action filled game to play. Download Street Fighting Action Game - Crime City Mafia War and enjoy many minutes with great graphics and good quality combat skills.It has easy controls to control the fighter on the street in gameplay. With the joystick, you can move the player back and forth. For various martial art movements, you only need to use the buttons.

    1- Character Selection is available, choose your favorite fighter.
    2- Realistic Street Crime City Environment.
    3- Easy controls to control the character in the game.
    4- Action based music in gameplay.

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