Super Dungeon Survival Hero: Black Shadow Fighter




    Welcome to the Super Dungeon Survival Hero: Black Shadow Fighter. People play of survival jungle games and survival island games but this is an epic survival prison escape Game. This is prison survival escape game the story of Prince of Anatolia. You as a prince real-life legend, a warrior & a fighter hero survivor as you fight the war survival horror many times. There was an ultimate clash of armies in Anatolia convert in the Great Battle of North Anatolia. You are the lonely pilgrim traveling with the only one mission survive! Fight in this fantasy world and have fun playing Super Dungeon Survival Hero: Black Shadow Fighter.

    Become a medieval wanderer! Survive in this Super Dungeon Survival Hero: Black Shadow Fighter Game, find resources to make your own weapons and survive as long as possible. Find the keys to escape from the dungeon jail and be ready to defend anytime. These wild places are full of cruel magical monsters, aggressive knights, and even cruel predator animals. Be careful and keep in mind there are enemy guards, if you don't know about your powers then hide, or attack every evil rival with your super skills. The experience of Super Dungeon Survival Hero: Black Shadow Fighter is like a different impossible journey in the dark world, you face the danger of weird creatures, establish your strategy and survive for the longest time.

    Enter the world of martial arts and be the part of the divine glory of epic battle. Go on a quest of your freedom. Survival adventure begins with a hard time to escape from this dungeon Prison along with the other royale prisoners. You are an epic trainer from martial arts school, you know how to fight with enemies and how to survive in epic battle. Be ready for the ultimate epic battle of dungeon survival fight for justice & glory of futuristic. In this iteration arcade head2head combat, you have to fight for fairness and liberty. Try escaping from even the narrowest ways. Give them a hard time. Bang the rivals and thrash into wardens. Have a safe escape from your cell. Fight the brutal guards and wild dogs with hints and tools. Grab your weapons, making use of your archery skills to fight for your survival.

    Super Dungeon Survival Hero: Black Shadow Fighter Features:
    • Fantastic medieval survival simulator
    • Wide range of interesting spells and weapons
    • Amazing craft system
    • Different kinds of rivals and cruel bosses
    • Realistic 3D graphics

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