Super Robot VS Hero - City Futuristic Shooting War

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    Super Robot VS Hero - City Futuristic Shooting War

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    Get ready for the ultimate futuristic mech robot warrior shooting and fighting in this new and best game. In this futuristic mech robo fighting game, you're on a highly secret mission to kill all the invader robo forces who have enter in your galaxy. For completing your challenging task you have to kill each and every last mech robo in this sci-fi environment. In this game, the mech robo are equipped with latest sci-fi weaponry and are coming to attack your galaxy, you have been chosen to fight them all alone because you're the best they got. Fight them all alone with your sci-fi weaponry to stop this robot warrior war killing to end this transformer war.

    In this futuristic fighting war, experience real sci fi shooting and robo killing with your all advanced sci fi weaponry. In this ultimate robot fighting kill these vicious futuristic robo who are hell bent on destroying earth and its people. Don't let anyone walk past you. You have invaded their spaceship with the help of the special force who have given you information and the most advanced weaponry to stop them from destroying the earth and harming the people of earth. The special force has chosen you because you are the most agile and trained soldier they have in the department. Don't let anyone down, hit the robo forces with all the power you got kill each one of them and destroy their spaceship to ruin they plan of destroying earth.

    This is action packed game where robots warrior have been set loose to attack your galaxy. In this single player game we have designed countless amazing cutting edge metallic sci-fi bots and weaponry with breathtaking graphics. If you're an admirer of robot war game you will for sure love this new thrilling action packed game. This breathtaking game takes you on a thrilling adventure of robots warrior warzone where all of them fight till they last breath. Yes this new thriller robot battle action give you thrill of surprise attacks of enemy and epic warfare against these deadly machines.

    Aim at your enemy and destroy them with your sci-fi weaponry. Throw grenade and keep shooting at them till you outlast all of them. You can increase your strength, accurately and weaponry by upgrading them. Kill all the unfriendly bots and turn them into dust to end this transformer war. In this robot warrior transformer battle, gameplay is simple but tough to win. This game brings out your survival and defensive instinct with your reflexes to fight this combat transformer sci-fi war. It's now time to put all your fighting skills to fight the bots because the robo will give you a tough and hard fight. These dead machines can track your location and find you, so get ready to be attack from anywhere keep your eyes out to avoid the attack of bots and ambush them. Show no mercy in battlefield because futuristic robo won't show any, so unleash hell in the battlefield to protect your galaxy.

    - Challenging missions
    - Addictive gameplay
    - Futuristic sci-fi 3d environment
    - Amazing 3d graphics
    - Amusing sound
    - Easy and smooth controls
    - Upgrade your weaponry
    - Breathtaking combat shooting experience
    - Unleash devastating combos and special moves

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