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    Published: 2017-07-13, by .

    If you’ve played any other shooter, you’ve already played SWAT Shooter

    • Intuitive controls
    • Decent realistic soundtrack
    • Good amount of levels
    • Boring and unoriginal gameplay
    • Choppy visuals
    • A poor gaming experience

    "Take down terrorists"


    Taking on the role of an elite commander who’s also a veteran of war, in Swat Shooter, you’re tasked with eliminating the terrorists who want you dead. You have two core game modes: defuse the bomb, or wipe out every single terrorist. Using the on-screen controls, you’ll aim and shoot at terrorists, killing them before they can kill you. Each enemy has a health bar that you’ll have to wear down, but keep an eye on your own, as you aren’t completely invincible.


    While not the best shooter around, you’ll find intuitive controls with large buttons with a somewhat decent realistic soundtrack and a healthy amount of levels.


    Featuring a ton of lag, uninspired gameplay that’s lifted from more popular shooters, choppy graphics, and overall poor gameplay you won’t find a compelling reason to stick with SWAT Shooter on your device.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Jul 13, 2017


    SWAT Shooter is an action class shooting war game. Here you can have an unprecedented shooting experience!
    In this you can fight with a strong enemy. It's not just a game, it's a war! Fortunately, here you have a huge weapon system and combat equipment, you can arm yourself, fight with the enemy.

    You need to survive on the battlefield long enough to become the legendary hero on the battlefield. You need to master the superb war skills, so you can better survive and complete the task. Only the battlefield to exercise their own skills. Experienced a war, and gradually become the focus of the battlefield, the people of the hero.

    Aiming at the target accurately and eliminating all terrorism that endangers people's safety. Remember your mission, you need to destroy all the evil terrorists. In order to better combat terrorism, your country has provided you with many advanced weapons. Penetrate the enemy territory, find and destroy all hidden enemies.

    How to play:
    - Choose your mission
    - Slide the screen to control movement and aiming
    - Click the fire button to shoot
    - Click the action button to squat or stand
    - Click the jump button to cross the obstacle
    - looking for enemies through radar
    - switch weapons to make you better destroy the enemy

    SWAT Shooter Features:
    - Complex scenes, lifelike buildings
    - a variety of close and long distance weapons
    - Exciting fighting environment
    - a variety of different adventures
    - stunning 3D graphics
    - Eliminate all the terrorists going into the next stage
    - Best shooting game

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