Swish Shot! Basketball Shooting Game




    A 3D physics engine has been used to beautifully and realistically recreate the trajectory of the ball, its rebounds, the rim, the board and even the sway of the net!
    It just feels so good when you make a swish!

    The controls couldn't be simpler: aim at the goal and swipe.
    The direction, speed and distance of your shoot will depend on the position at which you released your finger and the speed of the swipe. Show your skills by scoring a goal!

    Here are the rules:
    - score as many points as you can in a limited time
    - you can shoot an unlimited number of times during one round
    - you earn 3x points with a swish
    - you earn double points with a special ball
    - score baskets in a row and earn even more points with combo bonuses

    Believe it or not, the game is TOTALLY FREE.

    Are you in?

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