Switch Sports




    "Switch Sports" is a sports game pack that lets you enjoy exhilarating rally battles with a simple push of 1 button.
    You can enjoy exciting matches by yourself, but with just 1 smartphone device, you can battle with two people.
    Match your timing to perform a thrilling smash!

    9 different events are ready to go!
    * "Table tennis"
    * "Tennis"
    * "Badminton"
    * "Hanetsuki"
    * "Volleyball"
    * "Sepak takraw"
    * "Air hockey"
    You can also become a magician and fight with magic in the "Magic Battle" event, or become a ninja and throw Shuriken in the "Ninja" event.

    And, there are 4 modes to choose from.
    * "CPU Battle" ... battle against a computer. Beat 120 formidable opponents!
    * "2P Battle" ... local battle with a friend on a smartphone device.
    * "Spectator" ... watch a battle between computers.
    * "Rally Trial" ... challenge yourself and keep your rally going! It's game over with just 1 miss.

    * Enjoy casual sports games in 9 different events.
    * Play on 3 different difficulty levels matching your abilities; "Beginner", "Amateur", and "Pro".
    * Every event has 120 rival characters. Face these 1080 champions and reach the top!
    * "Real Mode" lets you play according to the real sports game rules.

    ###===----- How to Play -----===###

    [1] Hold down the button…
    [2] Build up your power…
    [3] Get the timing right...
    [4] Release the button and smash!

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