Tap Invasion




    Fast, addictive retro arcade action! Aliens are attacking Earth again! Tap the invaders as they attempt to destroy your city. How long can you keep the city alive?

    Tap Invasion Features:
    - Retro arcade action
    - Simple but addictive gameplay - Tap Invaders = see Explosions!
    - Infinite levels - if you can tap fast enough!
    - Randomized levels with increasing invader speeds and difficulty
    - 5 bosses to destroy
    - Power ups!
    - 8-bit pixel art transports you back to the 80's
    - Chip tune sound track!
    - Top Score Board - Can you beat your friend's score?
    - No in-app purchases!

    Tap Invasion is a retro style game featuring the look and feel of arcade classics - think Space Invaders meets Missile Command meets Whack-a-Mole. No saving, no pausing for bathroom breaks, ever increasing difficulty, frantic panic inducing, finger crushing gameplay will keep you coming back for more despite it all! You can't let the alien invaders win. Must, keep, tapping!

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