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    Published: 2017-01-12, by .

    Tap Titans 2 brings RPG and arcade-style gameplay with just taps

    • Awesome cartoony graphics
    • Earns money in the background
    • Large on-screen buttons
    • Great sound
    • Perfect time killer
    • Formulaic and repetitive gameplay

    "Tap your way to titan glory"


    Tap Titans 2 for the Android and iOS builds on the original game by giving you much more to do, more heroes to collect, and more monsters and bosses to take down. When you first get into the game, you’ll take control of a Sword Master, whose only task is to defend the entire world from monsters, demons, and invading Titans. Sounds like a difficult task, right? Thankfully, the Sword Master has you on his side, as you’ll frenetically tap the screen, upgrading your DPS, collecting heroes, upgrading them as well, and level up. Can you take down all the Titans?


    There’s no ignoring that Tap Titans 2 brings awesome cartoony graphics with simple to pick-up one-tap controls and large, self-explanatory on-screen buttons, with great sound, making this game a perfect time killer.


    Unfortunately, Tap Titans 2 is ultimately brought down by the same formula and mechanics other games in the genre adhere to, namely that all you’re really doing is tap, tap, tapping, which becomes repetitive really quickly, with not much else to do, unless, of course, you really liketapping.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Jan 12, 2017


    The battle continues as Sword Master defends the world from an all new, more dangerous army of invading Titans. Power up Sword Master in new ways to overcome the Titan's ever-increasing strength. The Titans are back, so pick up your sword and begin a new journey!

    ๏ ENJOY the full RPG experience on the go
    ๏ TAP to defeat 120 all-new Titans in 10 gorgeous, hand-drawn realms
    ๏ RECRUIT heroes and loyal pets to help you repel the Titan onslaught
    ๏ UNLOCK unique skills to power up the way YOU choose to play
    ๏ PRESTIGE and cash in your progress for powerful artifacts and talents
    ๏ COLLECT equipments to customize your hero's looks and strengths to suit your playstyle
    ๏ CREATE or join clans to join forces with other players and defeat the almighty Titan Lords
    ๏ COMPETE against other players around the world in global tournaments to show off your strength and earn amazing prizes

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