Tease Cat Sounds




    Tease Cat Sounds is a funny prank app to play with the cat. Cats not only love to run after the laser dot, toy mouse and other cat toys, they are very sensitive to sounds. So the sound application is a great cat toy. But do not be surprised if afterwards you hear the evil cat sounds, if your pet angrily hiss and mew, we warned you!

    In the collection of application for jokes and games with the cat Tease Cat Sounds, we have collected for you the following annoying sounds:
    - Evil cat sounds
    - Dog sounds (barking)
    - Broken glass
    - Rubber duck
    - Spinner (why not)
    Turn on the sound application, select an annoying sound and point at the cat. Pretend you broke the glass, or that you have an angry dog ​​in the phone. Look how your cat will react! If he is angry and scratching you, perhaps an unexpected terrible sound will scare him and make him stop.

    Attention: Tease Cat Sounds is a prank app. We can not guarantee that your cat will be scared or that he will like these annoying sounds. Maybe the cat does not react at all. If you notice that the cat is angry or very scared, do not use the application, do not torture the animal. Love kitties and take care of them

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