Ted's Dungeon Escape Free




    After getting lost in maze manor for many months, Ted finally found his way out. Unfortunately on his journey home, Ted was kidnapped by a pack of glow monsters, who shoved him down into their dungeons! Help Ted escape the underground world of the glow monsters in this super fun adventure game. Starting in the deepest part of the dungeon, Ted will make his way through progressively difficult levels of the underground world until finally reaching daylight. As with other classic platform games, Ted will need your help jumping over pits of lava, dodging falling spikes, and avoiding all of the evil glow monsters who are eager to put Ted back in his cell.


    - Platformer Adventure Game!
    - Lava, Fireballs, and Spikes!
    - Flying and Jumping Glow Monsters!
    - Free version: Try before you buy!
    - Over 20 levels in the full version!

    Tips and How to play:

    Left and right arrows: Moves Ted left and right
    Right red button: Makes Ted jump
    Left red button: Enter doors and interact with objects

    For each level, find the exit door and hit the left red button to enter.
    Avoid the glow monsters! If they touch you, they will send you back to the beginning of the dungeon level!
    Don't fall into lava, spikes, or run into fireballs!
    Timing is key!

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