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    You think it's time for your child to learn to tell the time and need fun and educational games for toddlers and preschoolers to help them read clock? Good news, we've created a perfect app for kids - Telling Time - Clock Games! These interactive telling time games offer lots of fun to your child, but, what is more important, help your sweet little kid to learn through play how to read a clock. Do not let your child just waste time on playing meaningless games when it can get both entertainment and education in apps for toddlers like this one. Cute dinosaur themed clocks will be attractive to the kid and it will learn to the tell time with ease! Download Telling Time - Clock Games and provide your dearest ones with “learning games for kids”!

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    4 clocks to choose, 2 are animated
    2 games: Set the Time or Stop the Clock
    5 levels of difficulty
    Choose to set hours or minutes
    Learn concepts such as half past and quarter past
    Choose the speed of the clock
    Natural landscape with collectable animated dinosaurs
    Give 3 correct answers and get a star
    Collect 5 stars and get a collectable, a cute dinosaur or decoration for your virtual park
    Learn to tell the time and read clock
    Cheerful and child-friendly graphics

    Telling Time - Clock Games as one of kids educational games can teach your kid the difference between hour and minute hand and how they move. Help your little one read the clock on its own, download this wondrous app for Android smartphone or tablet and provide your child with a brain gym on daily basis. Once the kid has learned the difference between the minute and hour hand, and analog and digital clock, it is ready to play games and see how good in “telling time games” it is. It is essential that your kid learns to read the clock at the early age, and “clock games” make that only easier and funnier!

    Choose a particular combination of hours and minutes, as the minute hand moves encourage your kid to press the stop button when the clock reaches the desired time. If the answer is correct you move on to the next task, if not, you try again. Or position the hands to set the correct time. If your kid gives three correct answers in a raw, it will get a star as a reward. Collect five stars and you get a dinosaur or a decoration for your virtual park. Cute dinosaur themed clocks and decorations will enhance kids' motivation in playing free “interactive telling time activities” and collecting the stars will serve as a challenge so that they will play these “learning games for toddlers” and preschoolers more often and practice telling the time over and over again. “Educational games for kids” like Telling Time - Clock Games are a must, don't miss the opportunity to offer your child an easier way to learn!

    “Kids games” should not be only funny, but educational as well, and this interactive telling time app counts as one of most effective “educational games for toddlers”, and it is free of charge! Show your precious kid how to read the clock, and the educational activities for young children in this application will catch their attention and eventually make them master the time telling games! Whether your child is a toddler, kindergartner or preschooler, it will simply adore this clock app! “Kids games free”! Download “Telling Time - Clock Games” and have your children enjoy learning!

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