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    Tennis swipe 3D is the latest game to be introduced in Google playstore. The newest tennis app is here for you in 3D. Come and join the rest to flick your finger to play this tennis game in this app. This tennis game comes with rich graphics in 3D.

    There are 3 types of games to choose from Tennis swipe 3D. Each of the game has its own beauty and features. Get into the playing spirit and join others in flick of their fingers to play this tennis game. Use your skills to beat everyone at tennis in 3D realism.

    # Tennis swipe 3D has the best colourful and vivid graphics of all the tennis games offered.
    # Innovative gameplay of tennis brought to you in this app.
    # This game is very fun to play and pass the time.
    # This Tennis Swipe 3D contains 3 games;
    1. Tennis Smash : Smash as many tennis balls as you can and gain more points by grabbing the racquet.
    2. Tennis Run : Try to collect as many tennis balls as possible but beware of the kettle ball!
    3. Tennis Aim and Shoot : Aim at the tennis balls that is being served to kill the serve. The red ball will give extra bullets and points.
    As a Bonus, the 4th game is the higher level of Tennis Aim and Shoot.
    # Colourful settings.
    # Open-ended gameplay.
    # Challenge and help your friends!
    # Play the Tennis swipe 3D with your best buddies that enjoy this game and be entertained all ay lomg.

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    # Application is totally free game for kids, boys, girls, their parents, adults, brothers, sisters, friends as it’s very exciting and challenging.

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