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    Published: 2014-05-27, by .

    Customize the classic screen smash prank with the fish of the Hulk

    • Can customize fist to be REALLY BIG
    • Sound effect of shattering glass
    • Intrusive ads
    • Unoriginal

    "Hulk smash your screen"

    What's funnier than a cracked screen? One might argue "almost anything," but in case one's wrong, there's always The Fist Smashing Screen app. A great big fist - customizable to make even bigger! - will smash through your screen with a rumble and the heartbreaking sound of shattering glass. Choose whether you'd like the effect to stay put on the screen or to erase itself. It's not an original trick at this point, and the ads covering up the smash significantly negate the effect.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    May 27, 2014


    ★★★ The Legendary Super Prank ★★★

    Perfect way to fool your friends with this amazing prank app! Make your friends believe that your smartphone's screen is cracked.

    It is just a Fun! "Crack My Screen” is a silly joke app which simulates a broken mobile phone screen.

    Make fun of your family and friends with the "Crack My Screen” application. Get them to think your phone is broken or they broke it

    Tap on the screen to create the illusion that your phone screen just got cracked! They can even hear a broken glass sound to make it more realistic.

    "Crack My Screen" application runs in the background until the screen is touched or when trigger time has ran out.

    Features include vibration, broken glass sound, multiple cracked images, keep cracked image on top of other applications.


    - Sound effects to accompany all the cracks.

    - HD cracks images to make the effect look real.

    - Full screen effect (hidden notification bar)

    - Back Button Locking

    - Set the crack Screen as a wallpaper.

    - Set and enjoy damaged screen or crack screen

    - The application running in background so easy to fool friends screen is cracked

    - Give to your friends and its look andoid phone perfectly ok

    - All off sudden if click on something screen will and makes broken glass effect

    How to use:

    Start "Broken Screen" and hand your phone to one of your friends. Wait until they touch the screen. Thats when they'll hear a loud cracking noise and notice the "broken screen" on your phone. Now you can start to blame them for breaking your phone, maybe they'll buy you a new one ;)

    Shock your friends with realistic looking screen injuries and nerve wrecking cracking sounds.

    To customize:

    - Tap menu>settings to customize the app with number of taps, sound,vibration.
    - Tap "More Apps" after pressing menu to see other cool apps


    - Internet permission used to serve ads.

    - This app is ad supported to allow us to make more quality free apps for you.

    - Vibrate permission used to vibrate the device to create a realistic screen crack effect.

    Prank your friends and family with this easy to use app. Everyone will fall for this realistic cracked screen effect.
    You will get real satisfaction when you see best broken screen or crack screen effect on google play market.

    Try it now!

    Hope you will have fun!

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