The Golden Cathedral




    In this mobile quiz adventure, you will have to follow mysterious tracks in search of a golden cathedral. Your adventure will begin wherever you are at this very moment – at home on a comfy couch, on the school bus or even in your classroom.

    You are tasked with finding 6 secret keys that are hidden at 6 different locations in the Mur valley (Styria). You will collect one clue after another, decode secret inscriptions and, in doing so, explore exciting places such as remote ruins or an abbey of the famous Benedictine Monks. You will only be rewarded with the golden cathedral if you manage to find all six keys.

    The different games at a glance:

    Truth or Myth – Find out which statements are true or false.
    Make your choice! – Answer questions and go for one out of four possible answers.
    Trust yourself – Follow the tracks and solve the tasks unaided.
    The secret entrance – Discover hidden QR-Codes in digital scavenger hunts.
    The final exam – Solve the final clue and find the secret keys.

    *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***

    You can play „The Golden Cathedral“ from anywhere and at anytime. However, in order to really find the golden cathedral, you have to travel to real churches and ruins as well as cities in the Mur valley. The six communities in which you have to look for clues, are as follows:

    Maria Buch
    St. Georgen ob Judenburg
    St. Oswald
    St. Georgen ob Murau
    St. Lambrecht

    These locations are all shown on a virtual map within the app. In this way you can easily navigate from place to place, without getting lost or straying off your path.

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