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    The Higher Power App is a fun way for those in 12 step programs to deal with some of life's decisions and issues in a light, easy fashion. The App's primary purpose is to help with simple yes or no decision making. It can also be useful for working the 4th step, especially as resentments come up during the day as you are trudging the road to happy destine. The app is for entertainment purposes only but could be useful with working and living the 12 steps of recovery.

    The pray tab is used to jot down a prayer request and then get an answer. The answers are 12 step related. This tab is meant to be used to help with simple yes or no questions.

    The resentment tab is a place where you can jot down resentments as they come up during the day. The format is the same as in the Big Book. After you input your resentment you will get some guidance on what to do short term with the resentment. The app will store the information so that you can later email it. This feature is a handy way to send it to your sponsor or the person you are going to do your 5th step with. You can also delete the 4th step data at any time.

    God Box tab is used to jot down your desires. You put them here and then let them go knowing that your HP has it now. You get an answer to your desires after they are input.

    Surrender tab is used to write down things you are wanting to let go of. After you write them down and push the button your HP will take it from there.

    The Slogans tab is a place to write down slogans and cliches. If you hear a new one at a meeting and you’d like to write it down, do that here. You can also email them as your collection grows.

    Please leave feedback, good or other, so that I can improve the app.

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