The Midnight Show

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    The Midnight Show's review

    Published: 2018-01-16, by .

    See you at the movies!

    • Awesome graphic adventure for iPhone.
    • "Choose your own adventure".
    • Bitmap and retro art.
    • Nostalgia items everywhere.
    • The Midnight Show hasn't been made for impatient player.

    "Choose Your Own Adventure meets Weird Science"

    There's so much to say about The Midnight Show, it's better I don't tell you everything. The game is a graphic adventure that transports you (literally) to the 80's. Maybe it sounds a little bit confusing, but in this game you play the role of a gamer who receives an old diskette (a high density one, of course) with a mysterious retro game. Just a hint: LOAD it, LIST programs, and RUN the one you like...

    At this point, you're inside The Midnight Show program itself. The place is like a cinema... which, in turn, is inside the very game I'm reviewing - like the movie, Inception, right? Your goal is to find a way out of this cinema. Search for information, and ask the right questions to the proper people ... but be careful, 'cause if you pick the wrong option you can become a prisoner for life!

    The Midnight Show controls are very well explained in the game: tap green areas to go there, tilt your phone left or right to see around and tap on blue sparkled items to collect them. The art is awesome, the music couldn't be better and the gameplay flows beautifully. Just let yourself go and be patient: it's the kind of game that takes time to understand what's going on.

    Let me tell you something: inside The Midnight Show app there's a game also called The Midnight Show, in which you can play another game - Star Worms (a Space Invaders lookalike arcade). It's a game, inside the game, inside the game. I mean - you can only get Star's help if you can beat her at the Star Worms mini-game... but I don't want to spoil any more of this little jewel!


    by juampi

    Jan 16, 2018


    The Midnight Show is heavy on 1980s nostalgia and drenched in neon, with unique and challenging gameplay. Enter the world of 1985 at the Orpheum Cinema and Arcade. See if you can out-play, out-manuever and out-negotiate the mysterious employees and get to the bottom of the ominous history of the theater.

    •Soundtrack featuring rad new retro artists Wice and ALEX

    •"Tilt-your-own-adventure" control scheme means less buttons on screen and more space for visuals.

    •Rewards, like increased inventory and quick travel, speed gameplay as you progress.

    •4 Mini games to solve.

    •Talk your way past obstacles with NPC conversations.

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