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    Published: 2017-11-15, by .

    Throw your axe to kill your enemy

    • Motivation to keep playing
    • Easy to learn
    • 2 modes to play
    • Annoying publicity
    • Simple

    "The Vikings, an addictive fighting game"


    The Vikings is a very simple game but so funny. You play as Viking, who is a ferocious Scandinavian warrior. You have to throw axes to your enemies to kill them. Just tap on the screen and pull to aim and release to throw the ax. ¿Are you ready to become a warrior?


    While you pass levels, you get more coins. So when you get 220 coins, you can buy the cheapest helmet in the shop to protect yourself from the enemies. Also, there are a lot of axes and shields. So, you have to invest time to play and get coins but this is what makes you keep motivated to play more. To add more, it is a game really easy to learn for anyone who wants to get fun and you can choose the option of two players to change.


    Publicity becomes annoying but, at least, you have the option to delete it in few seconds. The graphics are really simple, so it could be better although it has its own personality.


    by Nora

    Nov 15, 2017


    Viking is a ferocious Scandinavian warrior. Viking's favorite weapons are axes! You can throw them at enemies and split their skulls!

    It is very simple to do this - just tap on the screen and pull to aim and release to throw the ax. One accurate throw will be enough to put down any opponent. And there will be a lot of them! Among them are archers, armored swordsmen and even magicians.
    Therefore, to destroy them there are axes available for every taste in the game store, as well as a variety of shields and helmets to defend yourself from arrows and shells of magicians.

    Also, the player versus player mode is implemented.
    Each player is on his turret and you need to hit an ax in your opponent before he splits your skull with his ax.

    And do not worry if you die in the midst of a fight ... after all, Valhalla is waiting for you after death!!!*

    Have a good game!

    * Valhalla does not apply to warriors who have defeated less than one opponent.

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