Thunder sounds




    Thunder lightning sounds to recreate the power of the storm in your home!
    Just listen and imagine the weather before the storm and rain, the dark and heavy clouds, the first blinding lightning with strong and powerful thunder sound. Download the app to connect with nature and hear all these powerful thunder sounds and to see incredible pictures of lightning, upcoming storm and rain! You can prank your girlfriend (boyfriend), classmates or roommates with this sounds, have more fun in your everyday life! By the way, the little boys and little girls love these sounds too - a great way to let them experience the force of nature anytime!
    Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Depends on origin of lightning and the distance from you, thunder can be heard as a bomb explosion, low or loud rumble sound. Who makes that sound? There are many theories, one of them (ancient Greece) says that is clouds collision consequence, later, it was suggested dozens of another theories. In 20th century it was agreed that thunder most likely starts with wave of explosion which is caused by change of temperature as a result of lightning (in one millisecond the air heats up to ̴28000˚C/ ̴50400℉), the hot air is moving up faster than speed of sound. The sound of this wave is similar to bomb explosion or the noise caused by supersonic airliner.
    For some humans (and animals) thunder sound causes an anxiety attack or panic attack. People who are afraid of the sound of thunder and lightning have astraphobia.
    It is just a soundboard that produces amazing thunder sounds by tapping buttons on the face of your mobile device.
    Some of the great features:
    Simple and beautiful design
    User friendly usability
    Eight super powerful thunder sounds
    Perfect pictures of Storm
    Beautiful lightning pictures
    Beautiful background images
    Incredible picture of rain
    Thunder over the ocean
    Thunder over the mountain river
    You can prank you friends with “Thunder sounds”!

    The “Thunder sounds” are available for users of compatible devices that runs on the Android operating software and can be downloaded from the “Google Play” store. It takes just a few clicks to download it and can be downloaded in a couple of seconds.
    Thunderstorm, also known as an electrical storm, a lightning storm, thundershower or simply a storm, is a form of turbulent weather characterized by the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the Earth's atmosphere known as thunder.
    Make your phone more fun and exciting by downloading the “Thunder sounds”! This app will make you more fun, naughty, ingenious and smart.

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