iOS Version:

    Teeth hurting from crushing so much candy? Don’t have time to wait a week for your level 6 base to finish building? Feel like playing a mobile game is a second job?

    Play Tinted and enjoy fast paced tile matching action!
    No paywalls, no downtime, just fun!

    - Great fun for the times you just need a break
    - Play 4 different game modes! Blitz, Arcade, Puzzle, and Unlimited Mode!
    - Each game creates a unique background by using your scoring moves to create a swirl!
    - 6 different background patterns! Which one is your favorite?
    - Compare scores with your friends through leaderboards
    - See how you stack up against the world with a global leaderboard!
    - Access power-ups to increase your score!
    - Unlock dozens of achievements
    - Unlimited Mode unlockable in-game!
    - UI optimized for tablets and phones
    - Awesome animations and sounds
    - Two themes, light and dark, choose your favorite

    -In Blitz mode you can make any move you want so try to set up big combinations quickly!
    - Arcade mode you have a limited number of moves so think carefully!
    - When you are in a frenzy mode you will see a notification around the game board, try to make as many moves as possible in these 5 seconds as your points double or more!
    - Try to set up 5 or more matches, they create the super tiles!
    - Destroying 2 or more super tile gets you an ultra tile! Ultra tiles will destroy all tiles of a color you select! Try to select a color that is abundant in the game board!
    - HAVE FUN! Leave tips in the feedback section below!

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