Touch N Glow




    Test your speed in this vibrantly glowing gesture game. As each arrow falls from the top of the screen swipe or pinch in the direction it points. When you complete the action the symbol will explode in a shower of glowing fireworks. Each round starts slow, but will be racing beyond your limits in no time. Touch N Glow is speedy revolution in touch based gaming. Compete against your friends and the world on a global high scores list. This addicting free game will have your fingertips dancing and your mind racing. The race is on finger dancers!


    Up Arrow - Swipe Up

    Down Arrow - Swipe Down

    Left Arrow - Swipe Left

    Right Arrow - Swipe Right

    Inward Point Arrows - Pinch In

    Outward Pointing Arrows - Pinch out

    Touch N Glow is brought to you by HomeWorld Arts, LLC, the creators of Super Narwhal Boy, Jetpack Jumper, and Jurassic Quest.
    Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, and Feathers UI.
    Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.

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