Transforming Bot: Earth Battle




    A new adventure with steel heroes has started! Our main heroes have already chosen their side and ready to fight till the end. The world is facing a new threat - invasion of the alien robots. And they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal - to create a new army using a powerful artifact. Save the Universe again and don’t let the dark side win.

    Assemble your team of steel warriors!
    It is time to start a war, which means to assemble your team. Remember that a really good team must have a strong defense as well as a powerful offense.

    Fight for humans!
    You are the last hope of the humanity. There is no way to escape. You win this war or you will be destroyed.

    Act with stealth and silence.
    Prepare for the final battle. First of all you need to develop a strategy for defending Earth. Your mission as an guardian is to smash army of invaders and destroy the artifact.

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