Turtle Vale




    Are you quick enough -- and clever enough -- to help Turtee collect the beautiful seashells from Turtle Vale beach?

    You see, the bright blue sea washes up 4 kinds of precious seashells on the beach every morning. But Turtee doesn't want tourists stepping on them -- and breaking them! -- when they go swimming.

    So Turtee needs to clean the beach before they arrive ...

    ... and only YOU can help him!

    Gather each color of shell -- blue, red, green, and yellow -- in any order you choose. You have to gather ALL the shells of your favorite color before you touch a shell of the next color -- or you'll lose one of your 3 lives.

    And you have to do it quickly before the timer runs out too!

    That means you have to pick the best strategy to clean the beach fast.

    There are power-ups to help you go through all 3 difficulty settings (easy, medium and hard), but each one has 15 levels!

    That means you'll have hours of fun showing Turtee the best way to clean each beach.

    How far can you go? Download Turtle Vale now and find out!

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