Undercover Police Arrest Sim




    Street crime is causing extreme chaos situation in the city, patrol area as cop and pull over gangster from cars and crime scenes in Undercover Police Arrest Sim brand new chase & detention 3D simulation game.

    Undercover Police Arrest Sim is all about cleaning your city crimes and arresting real criminals from different situations. Pull over the running thief from crime scene chase them out in streets in this epic police vs thief simulator gameplay. Your career will climb from law enforcement officer to sheriff and detective. Full of action pack battle between streets mafia world and law enforcing department cop. You will be driving real cool sports cars in this crazy racing game. Drive and patrol in open world map with stunning 3D graphics. This game will enhance your gaming experience with making some big arrest in difficult situations.

    Unlock new cop cars to takedown crime mafia creating chaos in city with low level thieves, mobster, and street criminals. Investigate criminal case to make an arrest and take the outlaws behind bars. Catch illegal street racer and robber with new cops vehicles. You can enjoy this best action pack 3D simulator game in your mobile and tablets from Google play store. Takedown the crime city clean your town as a sheriff driver. Patrol to catch robber and bad guys put them behind jail so the civilians can live fearless in the town.

    Smashing Undercover Police Arrest Sim Crazy Features:

    3 Super sports cars for racing and lockdown illegal street racers
    Lock bad guys behind bars in 15 challenging police pursuit missions
    Smooth touch and tap on screen driver control with real physics
    Powerful brake and speed acceleration pedal for real driving fun
    Drive fast smash you way out of traffic with drifting and extreme speed turns
    HD 3D city environment with open world map & best background music

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