Vaders from alien worlds are attacking planets and space stations throughout your galaxy! Fly your UFO through space and laser blast your enemies into atoms!

    Fight epic space battles with your UFO and warp to alien worlds to fight wave upon wave of alien ships.

    Keep an eye on your UFO hull damage, shield regeneration and weapon power as you fight off hostile aliens and rogue asteroids. Some asteroids have powerups hidden in them, don't hesitate to blast em to bits.

    Utilize super weapons to strategically gain the upper hand in seemingly hopeless battles.

    Nukes, EMPs, repulsor fields, tactical analysis and shield boosters are at your disposal.

    Adjust your ship's speed with a manual warp control and bend time itself to gain more advantages against the attacking hostile aliens.

    Be weary though, UFO super weapons also have drawbacks that you will have to discover on your journey.

    This game has been designed for high definition tablets!

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