Viking Invaders: Clan War

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    Viking Invaders have setup camp in your lands, each Viking Clan must fight for survival.

    Inspired by the 1984 classic Viking Raiders on ZX Spectrum

    Up to 4 Clans battle it out to until 1 is left to claim victory! Play against the CPU or other humans in a multiplayer turn-based strategy game.
    Viking Invaders is a war game for 1 to 4 players. Move your Viking Clan from their castles, fight with swords, fire catapults, board boats and sail down the Fjords, attack enemy castles, seize gold from treasure chests.

    Choose from Wotan the Wicked, Brunhilda the Bold, Egbert the Excerable or Odin the Odious and fight against your opponents.

    Up to 4 Players can play
    Tablet Size Screen Recommended - 7 or 10 inch
    Unlimited Maps
    Completely random generated - no 2 maps the same.
    Boats can be used to transport armies across the Fjord.
    Catapults may be fired once only each turn, after selecting the direction and distance.

    Drinking Horns:
    Beware the evils of drink! If a Viking walks into (and empties) a drinking horn they will become uncontrollable! If the enemy meets one of your drunks they will succeed in getting them to join forces against you.

    Treasure Chests:
    Each HUMAN player starts the game with a Gold hoard of 50 coins. Depending on your financial situation at the time, you can buy one boat and one catapult each turn, and as many armies as will fit in the space around your castle. You can increase your spending power by carrying treasure from a treasure chest to your castle.

    Generally the controls and gameplay is quite straightforward. There are 3 phases.
    Phase 1: [Buying] - Buy Vikings, Catapults and Boats using the space around your Keep / Castle.
    Phase 2: [Moving] - Cycle through the units, selecting a Direction and Distance to move.
    Phase 3: [Fighting / Firing] - If the Viking encounters an enemy they fight. A win will give the viking an XP point (yellow symbol beside Viking)
    Winning: To win you must use Vikings to attack the bottom half of enemy's castle. Once defeated the enemy's units will all join forces with you, and the enemy castle will be destroyed.
    To get the most our the game you should play on large screen tablet 7" or larger with other Humans...Like a boardgame.

    [Moving / Firing]
    8-directional touch selector with distance buttons for movement of units and firing of catapults.
    [Numbers 1 to 9]
    Distance of movement squares or firing distance.
    This option allows you move to next viking
    A unit will move as far as possible along a direction until they collide with an object
    [MAX] (Catapult Firing)
    When firing a catapult, if MAX is used the catapult will fire between 10 and 20 spaces in distance. (Distance is Random)
    [End Turn]
    This will end the current selection and move on to boats and catapults (if present) before ending the turn and moving onto the next player.

    Unit Types
    Vikings - Simply select a direction and distance to move.
    Jarls - Veteran warriors - a Viking must win 2 fights to become a Jarl (Orange icon next to Viking indicates a Jarl)
    Catapult - Move the same as Viking plus select direction and distance to fire. Careful though as Catapults can be destroyed by enemy vikings if they attack it.
    Longboats - You must have a viking sitting in a boat to be able to move it. Boats can transport up to 3 vikings across water.
    Tip: Lining up boats forms a makeshift bridge.

    Feel free to offer suggestions to the game while reviewing...

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