Viking Invaders: Nordic War (Hot Seat Multiplayer)

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    Viking Invaders: Nordic War (Hot Seat Multiplayer)

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    Fun Strategy board game - Build your Clan of Vikings and Defeat the Enemies!

    Viking Invaders are attacking in this strategy war board game from Scandinavia, the Viking Clans must fight for survival by raiding the other clans across land and water of Norway and Scandinavia.

    Shoot catapult boulders into the enemy ranks. Build your army and fleet in this fun turn-based game of war and strategy. Plays like a board game.

    Fun turn-based strategy game for up 4 human players or vs CPUs

    Remake Inspired by classic Viking Raiders (1984) on ZX Spectrum (Speccy)

    Up to 4 Viking clans (play via hotseat) battle it out to until 1 is left to claim victory! Play against the CPU or other humans in a multiplayer turn-based strategy game.

    This is a FREE game with NO inapp purchases.

    Viking Invaders is a war game for 1 to 4 players. Move your Viking Clan from their castles, fight with swords, fire catapults, board boats and sail down the Fjords, attack enemy castles, seize gold from treasure chests.

    Choose from Wotan the Wicked, Brunhilda the Bold, Egbert the Excerable or Odin the Odious and wage war against your opponents.

    Up to 4 Players can play (human or CPU)
    Tablet Size Screen Recommended - 7" or 10" large screen
    Unlimited Maps - Procedural map generation
    Boats can be used to transport armies across the Fjord.
    Catapults may be fired once only each turn, after selecting the direction and distance.
    Drinking Horns
    Treasure Chests

    Generally the controls and gameplay is quite straightforward. There are 3 parts to each turn.

    [Buying Mode] - Click button to Buy Vikings, Catapults and Boats using the space around your Keep / Castle.

    [Moving] - Cycle through the units, selecting a Direction and Distance to move.

    [Fighting / Firing] - If the Viking encounters an enemy they fight. A win will give the viking an XP point (yellow symbol beside Viking)

    Winning: To win you must use Vikings to attack the bottom half of enemy's castle. Once defeated the enemy's units will all join forces with you, and the enemy castle will be destroyed.

    To get the most our the game you should play on large screen tablet 7" or larger with other Humans.

    [Moving / Firing]
    8-directional touch selector with distance buttons for movement of units and firing of catapults.

    [End Turn] - Moves to next player

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