Vocab Recall Crossword




    A crossword puzzle game for strengthening vocabulary recall.

    Recognition and understanding of vocabulary often far surpasses recall of vocabulary due to the disparity between the frequency at which words are heard or read vs. personally used in conversation. This often leads to frustrating pauses in speech as one searches for the precise word to express what one is communicating.

    This game takes the form of a crossword puzzle, with dictionary entries as clues. The emphasis is not on trying to stump the player, but on providing practice recalling words so it will become easier during natural conversation. A limited number of extra hints are available per game for those last few words that are difficult to get.

    Definitions are provided by American Heritage Dictionary, Wiktionary, The Century Dictionary, and the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English, supplied via Wordnik. When the word or a portion of the word is included in the definition, asterisks are substituted in place of the word.

    Examples of words include propensity, perpetuate, propagate, designate, legacy, blemish, exacerbate, infiltrate, prolong, endorse, advocate, traipse, and reconvene. Over 4800 more just like these are used to dynamically create a nearly endless number of puzzles.

    This game may be played offline. However, playing with an active network connection will provide a greater variety of words.

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