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    Published: 2017-09-04, by .

    A unique tactical RPG game that will immerse yourself in a dark and rogue universe

    • Unique and engaging
    • 4 game modes
    • Great graphics, especially characters design
    • Good tutorial
    • A bit heavy

    "Choose your Voodoo Hero and fight!"


    Voodoo Heroes is an engaging tactical RPG game that will immerse yourself in a dark and rogue universe. In the game, you will find 9 amazing different heroes that you will have to gather and train in order to improve their strength. Each one has his own skills and abilities.

    There are 4 game modes: solo campaign, multiplayer PvP, solo PvE and clan PvP. In all of them, you will have to defeat your enemies in turn-based tactical battles, however, whereas in the solo campaign you will have to complete different missions through randomly generated dungeons; in the other modes, you will have to defend your castle and attack your enemies. Depending on the mode, your enemy can be the engine, a player or a clan of players.

    In addition, the graphics of Voodoo Heroes are truly remarkable, especially the heroes and monsters design, which both look great.


    All in all, Vodoo Heroes is an original, engaging and thrilling game. It is great to have 4 different game modes, battles are challenging, characters look great and there is a wide range of items. Additionally, the game could be quite difficult at the beginning, but there is a tutorial that shows you everything you need to start playing.


    You could find the app a bit heavy, but, as long as you download it using a Wi-Fi connection, that shouldn't be a problem.


    by Miquel

    Sep 04, 2017


    Meet the first mobile rogue-like tactical RPG with unique voodoo dolls flavor, from small indie team! Combine tons of skills and abilities to fight your way through the random generated dungeons. Gather voodoo dolls, collect and craft rare items, train your heroes to get yourself ready for crashing other players’ Castles in PvP action.

    Game features:

    - Heroes with unique gameplay style and tactics with a various skills and abilities.

    - Random generated dungeons with tons of monsters and objects.

    - Turn-based tactical battles.

    - Attacking other players Castle and defending your own to become #1 in global PvP ranking.

    - Unlimited common, magic, rare and legendary items, combining with special crafting system

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