War Runner

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    Are you ready to take the war to the machines?

    Decimate the robot horde and avoid the obstacles they have set before you. Collect Robobucks and marshal them wisely to drive further and inflict more damage than ever before!

    You are in command of the only battle tank available to the humans, charged with destroying every robot you can. You must relentlessly press into robot held territory, with orders to never turn back.


    DESTROY THEM ALL : Use your tank's main cannon, or the tank itself to pummel your opponents and send them to the scrap heap!

    THE ROBOT MENACE : Six different enemy units are determined to stall your advance. Learn their strengths and weaknesses before it is too late!

    ALL SYSTEMS ONLINE : Gathered Robobucks can be expended to augment your already fearsome tank's abilities. protect against the machine's onslaught in a pinch with your force field projector. Vaporize their circuits with the powerful EMP blast.

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