Whack a Leader ft. Trump et al




    Experience a brutal yet entertaining election with this fun game that lets you take it out on the major candidates Sanders, Clinton, Trump, and Cruz. You can whack who you want, or you can test your reaction time and face recognition skills with the Time Challenge and Target Challenge.

    Whack a Leader (originally Whack a Mayor) is a game that provides an entertaining take on elections and politics. All players are voters and the votes are recorded at Just whack your least favourite politician to take out your frustrations on them, even if it's not voting day. Each player starts with a limited number of votes, but can earn more by playing the fun challenge games. The Time Challenge tests players’ ability to whack the candidates as many times as possible in a 40 second time limit, and the Target Challenge tests reactions and accuracy by having players whack the leader shown on the fast-changing indicator.

    Please visit for more information, screenshots, current whack statistics and video.
    Whack a Mayor was created by Glass Bottle Apps, an independent Toronto-based app development team founded in December 2013. Our most popular app to date has been the Fundometer personal saving tool.

    This game was made for humorous purposes and we are not affiliated with any of the candidates.

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