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    Published: 2017-09-06, by .

    Referee football matches from 10 different leagues allover the world

    • Original concept
    • Intuitive and nice interface
    • Nice sound and music
    • A bit laggy

    "Now you are the referee!"


    Whistle FG is a football themed game with an original concept. Although we are quite used to see and play football games, in how many of them your role is to be the referee? Well, this game lets you referee football games, that the engine plays automatically, from 10 different leagues: Argentinian, Brazilian, Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese or from the USA. The more you referee, more experience you will win, and in consequence, you will upgrade your level.

    During the game, you will have to pay attention to every action and be quick to blow the whistle when you find it necessary. When this happens, you will have to select against which team is your decision, determine if you show the player a yellow or red car, and finally, specify what kind of foul has been committed (grabbing, insulting, pushing, hard tackling...).

    In the game's store, you will be able to buy different referee shirts and fields, as well as some power-ups that you can use to increase your experience after a match, to cancel goals and more.


    The best about this game is that its concept is quite unique and, probably, you won't find a lot of games like Whistle FG. In addition, the sound and music are also nice, as well as the game's interface.


    Matches are a bit laggy sometimes and this can be annoying.


    by Miquel

    Sep 06, 2017


    Seja um árbitro de futebol!!!

    Viva essa emocionante e única experiência apitando em diferentes países e campeonatos. Whistle FG conta com uma ampla quantidade de clubes, seleções, gramados, uniformes e escudos colecionáveis.

    Apite com rigor e não se intimide com as vaias, ou faça “vistas grossas” para as infrações.

    Ganhe experiência em cada partida e alavanque sua carreira para apitar a principal divisão das ligas mais importantes do mundo. Dê um cartão vermelho para monotonia e seja o número um do apito.

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