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    Fast paced Bullet Hell Action SHMUP - 100% Free and unlimited - NO inApp purchases!

    Select your Wing Zero Fighter and Power Up to survive over 20 Worlds full of different Enemy types in a variety of Air Attack - Land and Sea Battles! Enjoy Skills, Permanent Upgrades and Epic Boss Fights in this ultimate addictive, fast paced Sky War Game! Change between 3 upgradeable Wing Fighters and 2 main Firemodes: RED or BLUE. You can absorb Bullets of the same color to use your " OVERLOAD " Screen Bomb Skill or change Color to maximize Damage and Risk. Join this epic Bullet Hell Battle now! It's 100% FREE with no in app purchases!


    Level Up your Ship and Pilot Rank to unlock new permanent Upgrades. Get Drone Pets, new Weapons or Firemodes and use them in the Battles. Assign Skillpoints to the 100 Points Skilltree and play the Game the Way you like it!

    Join this epic Battle now, unlock Achievements and fight online for leaderboard rankings!

    Game features:
    - Quick & Easy Controls
    - Fast paced Action Shmup
    - Permanent Upgrades & Skills
    - Leaderboards & Achievements
    - Unique Damage System and Critical Hits
    - Huge Weapon Arsenal
    - Epic Bossfights & RPG Elements
    - X-Mode, Crit-Buff and more specials
    - Haptic / vibration effects
    - Auto-Save function
    - HD particle effects
    - Overload , screen bombs and special attacks
    - RPG elements - Level Ups, Skilltree and more
    - Sci-Fi Color Puzzle elements
    - 3 balanced difficulty Levels
    - 100% unique Indie Adventure
    - Unique SHMUP Gameplay, FX & Music

    Wing Zero 2 - Drone Wars is a swiss indie production by PolarityFlow. This Game is inspired by arcade classics like Ikaruga, esp ra de, 1942, R-Type, Raiden and other classic Shoot em up's on entertainment systems by Sega, Nintendo and others. Feedback and support is very welcome!

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