Wolf Hunter



    You like wild hunter, sniper in forest.
    You like deer hunters - sniper , wolf hunter - sniper, wild animal hunter - sniper from forest. But deer are protected animals , you should not be a deer hunter, just be a wolf beast hunter and protecting my world. There're lots of wolf beasts on forest, they eat all wild animals: deer, foxes, boar ... go and be a wolf beasts hunter to kill wolf beasts all, save our natural, save our world.
    Just download and play this free game of wolf hunter 3D, this is very basic of hunter and sniper 3D game
    This game does not encourage you hunter wolf at all, but remember they are beasts of wolf. Not wolf only. So we can kill them free
    This is very basic wolf sniper hunter free 3D game
    It's easy to play:
    - Focus on wolf
    - Zoom out, you can easy shoot the beast of wolf
    - Three levels you can zoom
    - Click fire button on the bottom right and shooting wolf, many of beasts of wolf you can hunter

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