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    Word Complete is an easy to play english spell game that helps you to learn correct spelling of the words in a playful way.
    Word Complete let's you to check how great your spelling skills are and also how quickly you can spell the words.
    In this game a word will be shown on a board with one or two letters missing. All you have to do is select the missing letter/letters from the options given below the board as quickly as possible to complete the word.

    It comes with four interesting game modes.

    *** Arcade Mode - It is a standard classic mode where you will be given ten words to complete. For each word you have maximum 10 seconds. Try to complete the word as fast as possible to get better score (The left time adds to your score).

    *** Survival Mode - As name suggests, it may become an endless gameplay if someone is really good at spelling otherwise it will end when a total of five mistakes are committed in the game. In this mode also 10 seconds are given to complete each word.

    ***Time Attack - This one is a classic beast. Here your mind intuition and reflexes come into play. You will be given 60 seconds to complete as much words as you can. Beware - Wrong answer will affects the score.

    ***Learn Mode - Here you will be free from any restriction and your main aim becomes to learn the spellings. Complete as many words as you want to then hit stop button to end game. Error List also display all your errors without having to go premium. There is no scoring involved in this mode.

    Word complete consists of two difficulty modes - Easy and Hard. In these modes either a single or two letters would be missing. Hard mode seems difficult, play this mode to get higher score (scoring is different in both modes).

    ***Whats more***

    **Google play leaderboard: To share your score with friends and family.
    *Has three Separate leaderboards for the three different game modes.

    **Correct Spelling List : The main aim of this game is to help the users to increase their spelling skills, so after the game is completed it shows the list of correct spellings of the words that the user entered wrong.

    ** Achievements are also added which are unlocked by progressing the game.

    ** now share your stats with your friends and family on gmail, whatsapp, twitter etc.

    This game also includes in-app purchases to remove ads and to remove restrictions on your error list.

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