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    Word Master is an innovative version of the traditional “Crosswords" puzzle (or " Scrabble " board game). Not needing internet connection and using unique artificial intelligence resources, Word Master induces the player to improve their skills and reasoning in the game.

    Choose the difficulty level and the duration of the match; and, play against the computer, with all the traditional Scrabble rules. No more waiting long hours for your opponent to play! You will get instant response from the computer.

    Forget the luck! Find out if you are a true champion in Scrabble! In this mode, you earn more points in each round as you come closer to the best possible Word. Try to beat your high scores!

    Stuck in a game of crosswords? Word Master also comes with a helper. Place tiles freely on the board and receive all the options of moves with the chosen letters from best to lowest score. But don’t worry; it's not possible to cheat during a game.

    • Discover what words you could have played after each round and improve your performance. Learn to identify the places that earn higher scores on the board and the standards for the formation of words. Enrich your vocabulary.
    • Don’t waste your time searching whether the word you thought does or does not exist! By placing the tiles on the board, check if the word is valid and how many points it scores with a notification method that uses colors and numbers.
    • Get tips for valid words being created in your rack as you are arranging your letters (You can enable or disable this feature at any time).
    • SOWPODS wordlist. The computer DOES NOT make up words. OFFICIAL tournament wordslist.
    • Save your game and continue later.
    • Keep track of your records in the high-scores table.
    • Absolutely no ads or banners!

    At this time, this version supports only English. Please give feedback if you would like to play this game in other languages

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