Word Scramble Ultimate




    Are you ready for Ultimate Word Scramble game.

    You are unable to find all the word. No problem...At the end of game, Get List of all possible words in the Grid.

    Play Word Scramble game in four differnt mode
    1) Classic: In this mode, you can set the grid size & time. Find as many as words you can find in time set by you.

    2) Rapid fire: In this mode, each correct word will increase your time by 15 seconds.

    3) Relax : In this mode, do not worry about the time. Take as much as time you need. Click on finsih button to end the game.

    4) My Own Grid: First time ever in word scramble game, you are allow to set the grid. You are allow to set most of letters and we will choose remaining letters.

    Four different type of grids:
    1) 6 * 6
    2) 5 * 5
    3) 4 *4
    4) 3 * 3

    So why you are waiting. Just download the game and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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