Wordz Club A-Z Letter

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    Wordz Club A-Z will take you on a journey of educational fun and learning! From toddlers to grade school, for Children of all ages – English 101 is the perfect way to build up your literacy skills. Your child will be able to enjoy a pedagogy of an interactive fun filled environment while mastering the art of English 101.
    What’s inside:
    ~ Full featured pedagogy
    ~ Five game modes: Say, Spell, Type, Which is, Speak all in One
    ~ Simple game types: Quiz / Challenge
    ~ Various difficulty levels from beginner to advanced
    ~ PIPSQKS rewards to keep track of results
    It is designed with 2 difficulty levels and 5 game types that provide complete coverage of basic literacy skills for primary, elementary school, grade school and more
    How to play :
    Wordz Club A-Z comes with 2 full game types:
    ~ English Drill – The purpose of the game is to practise in order to learn to Say, Spell and Speak English and unlock the Pipsqk characters.
    ~ 101 Challenge – Your challenge is to choose the correct answer, tap it. Answer series of questions correctly in order to pass to the next level. Complete all levels to become a millionaire master expert